Best Country In The World, Mixed media on newsprint (18”x24”), 2022

Mickey and Elmo Have a Drink, Mixed media on newsprint (18”x24”), 2022

Mickey Triptych, Mixed media on card stock (8.5” x 11”), 2022

NFT No. 1, Mixed media on canvas (36”x48”), 2021

Still Life No. 1, Mixed media on canvas (36”x36”), 2021

Skellsies No. 1, Mixed media on paper (18”x24”), 2021

BELLA NOCHE, Printed on lace (20”x40”), 2021

CULUMPIO, Acrylic on canvas (36”x48”), 2020

From the Testerian Catechism, Acrylic on cardboard (18”x6”), 2021

Castas No. 1, Riso print (5”x8.5”), 2021

Castas No. 2, Riso print (5”x8.5”), 2021

PILGRIMAGE,  Acrylic, marker, oil pastel on paper (18”x24”), 2021

ORQUÍDEA, Digital drawing (24”x24”), 2020

PANUELITO, Cotton printed handkerchief (24”x24”), 2020 *Custom Order*

Burrito Sabanero, Acrylic on cardboard, (23”x20”), 2020

  Castas I, Digital drawing, 2020

Castas II, Oil pastel on newsprint, 2020

Testerian Catechism, Digital drawing, 2020

Finca Rentada I, Mixed media and digital collage, 2020

Finca Rentada II, Digital drawing, 2020

Lagrimitas, Mixed media, (19”x42”) 2020

Bella Noche, Digital drawing, 2020

Nino Sonador de Queens, Digital collage, (8.5”x11”), 2020

Jose Maria Cordova, Acrylic on plastic Bag, 2020

OSITO, Digital print and collage, (11”x17”), 2020

CULEBRITA, Pencil and collage on paper, (8.5”x11”), 2020

Torre, Digital drawing, 2020

Tejas de Arcillo, Digital drawing, 2020

Whole Body Catalog, One-page zine, (8.5”x11”), 2020 ***BUY HERE**

Suburbia 2099, Digital collage, 2020

LaGuardia Airport 2099, Digital collage, 2020

Dreaming (With Diego Martin), Digital collage, 2020

Self-Sovereign Travel, Digital collage, 2020

Dream Feed, Digital collage, 2020

Univesal Pampering, Digital collage, 2020

Urban Tsunami, Digital collage, 2020